Orange County Sheriff-Coroner employees cheat homicide and suicide victims' families; they attack free enterprise by doing so. Families have no idea employees have a conflict of interest. I've watched this fraud by those with badges for over 10 years. Eddie Evans -- 888-431-7233 (call any time, and I mean any time.)

Sheriff-Coroner and Public Guardian


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Orange County Sheriff-Coroner and Public Guardian crooks cheat grieving families. County employees send grieving families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies for homicide, suicide cleanup. County employees should have no choice, no say in the selection of cleaning companies. TAP for empirical evidence. See below for more evidence. Orange County Government must honor free enterprise.

FBI good -- Sheriff bad.

See glossary for terms. Write about these ideas and the role of public education and citizen, tax payer duties.

Help protect families emotionally pained by homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths.




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Orange County Government Crooks

Also visit crime scene cleanup, County Consumer Fraud; and Orange County Fraud. These have repeating (redundant) information in some way. Then, understand that Sheriff-Coroner and Orange County Public Guard fraud against families repeats itself redundantly. Sometimes I have new information or more time to write. "How many our our United States' families must become victims twice over before county government puts a stop to this fraud?"


If you care to learn about Orange County official government crooks read on. These crooks ware badges and steal from grieving, victimized families. I have more than enough proof to make my case. Call me any time, day or night, about the county's fraud. Read my brief biography and decide for yourself if I'm likely to make up stories about our Orange County government corruption. Here I give the facts as I find them through hundreds of Orange County Internet web pages. ( TAP if you have not visited Mr. Mull's handy work.) In brief, Eddie Evans owns more high ranking death related Internet pages in Orange County than other death cleanup companies. People in Orange County die from traumatic, bloody injuries in their homes requiring a death cleanup company's service. Eddie Evans should receive some telephone calls for his death cleanup services in Orange County; however, he does not. Therefore, some county employees misdirect grieving families to crony death cleanup companies.And this has gone on for years and now its time for Orange County's tax payers to unite against their county's fraud against grieving families.

Visit Crime Scene Cleanup, Orange County Fraud, Orange County Consumer Fraud and you will find my redundant arguments. I deduct logically. How can so many death cleanup web pages in one county not generate at least one homicide, suicide, or unattended death in Orange County per year?

Answer: coroner employees and Orange County Administrator employees practice cronyism and violate the RICO act. In this case, their cronyism leads to fraud against family survivors of homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths with decomposition (unidentified body).

Since Orange County employees have first contact with grieving families, they have a monopoly over their choice of professional cleaning companies. They should have no choice. In some cases, employees receive kickbacks for referring to friendly death cleanup companies. In other cases, employees own these death cleanup companies. In both departments management ignores this wrong doing.

I fight Orange County's crooks, government crooks, that is. Call me Eddie Evans. Our county government's small time crooks make big time money, really big money. Orange County Government crooks have life about as easy as any petty government thief has ever had stealing from the public. In this case, victims of violent homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition come to them, hat in hand.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department remains home to more than a few coroner employee crooks.

Please note my logic. I wrote, "a few" which means less than many and more than one or two. Of course, when it comes to crooks, one will destroy life-long dreams and turn one's life into a nightmare. A nightmare in Orange County, California becomes even more horrific when a homicide occurs and family members become victim's of a coroner's employee or administrator employees. Sometimes these employees work in concert, as a small group dedicated to swindling grieving families by sending them to death cleanup crooks, which I've noted above a few times.


Biography in short

65, VN Veteran (airborne infantry), 23 years US Army (3 active, 20 reserve/guard); married 45 years; AA, BA, MS; 10 years classroom teacher (high school English); 11 years biohazard cleanup. Orange County Probation Department 6 years; Orange County Marshal's Department 6 years; first Orange County Senior Court Service Officer.






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